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9 Life-changing reasons for learning French – I teach you the language

Why Learn French - 9 Reasons

So do you take into consideration learning French?

That's great news. Learning a overseas language is all the time constructive.

But why study French particularly?

While learning even the most uninteresting language is a really enriching expertise, there are various compelling reasons to decide on French. 19659003] On this message you will notice 9 life-altering reasons to study French. By the end of your journey, to your career, tradition and extra, by the end of the publish, you are prepared to enroll for the language courses and e-book the journey to Paris that you have all the time dreamed of.

1. French is a superb profession shift

  why learn French? career development

Let's begin with something practical – if you study French, it's an enormous step for your career. France is at present the world's fifth largest financial system.

However don't imagine that France is just useful in France

It’s also extensively spoken:

  • Belgium
  • Switzerland
  • Canada
  • Numerous African nations on the move

French speaking creates a huge variety of new enterprise alternatives round the world.

If you should not have a job or are wanting for a New Job, that information on this extensively spoken international language provides you an ideal advantage. Talking both English and French is an actual commodity in business.

Additionally for those who have not yet started their career, understanding the French language can even assist you get richer and rounded training. Some of the greatest universities in the world reside in France. The problem of learning in France – in an unfamiliar setting – makes you stand out when you begin wanting for work later.

2. The rich French inventive tradition

  why learning French art

France is undoubtedly a country that has made an virtually unparalleled impression on the world of art. French literature offers lighting fixtures similar to:

  • Molière, thought-about one among the world's largest authors in any language
  • Voltaire
  • Victor Hugo
  • and Emile Zola

Just lately Albert Camus and his modern Jean-Paul Sartre has continued this custom. And of course, we will't talk about French literature with out mentioning Jules Verne, the visionary father of recent science fiction

France has additionally performed an essential position in the manufacturing of revolutionary Painters resembling Cézanne. , Monet and Manet, but in addition the setting for different artists.

Van Gogh and Picasso, Dutch and Spanish, both spent some of their most efficient years in a fertile artistic environment of the 19th and 20th centuries France

Though you can recognize the nice paintings without understanding the French phrase, language learning provides you a deeper understanding of the cultural surroundings through which these massive artists work.

Attaining a degree that permits you to read French may also permit you to expertise some of the world's biggest literary elements in the unique. Something that may by no means be in comparison with reading a translation.

3. Fabulous French Widespread Tradition

  Why Learn French French Film

If literature and visible arts are a bit excessive, France can also be considered one of the most necessary centers of recent culture.


Multilingual Anglofons, featured in Hollywood robberies and English pop diets, could also be straightforward to imagine that English is the only language that’s necessary for leisure.

Nevertheless, when you study French

The French film is very appreciated and it’s right. It is no coincidence that one in every of the most prestigious awards of the movie business, Palme d & # 39; Or, can be handed over at the Cannes Film Pageant yearly in southern France.

French movies often have a smaller finances than the annual motion films of the American movie business fall. However they may exchange this with a deeper, extra attentive and extra reflective

If you need to recognize French-language films, it won’t be a substitute for listening to when operators give their strains in their own language. And there’s no option to absolutely respect humor until you understand language and cultural background.

French pop music

France additionally has an excellent common music tradition that produces singers corresponding to Édith Piaf, the subject of the film. “La Vie en Rose”. Or the just lately lifeless rocker Johnny Hallyday.

These two examples come from the past, but France still produces plenty of unique musicians. To mention a somewhat totally different example, the mysterious dance Daft Punk, one among the most influential acts of electronic music in the final 20 years, speaks of France

Though their language aspect is minor, their music continues to point out how France continues to be a fertile progress space for musical creativity and experimentation.

four. The appreciation of French delicacies

  Why Learn French - French Food

French tradition cannot be talked about with out mentioning French meals. And French love la gastronomie cannot be separated from language.

By learning French, you may even uncover how simple meals preparation and consumption have been delivered to the state of another art type. 19659003] Eating in France doesn't simply imply filling your abdomen. It's about celebrating meals, appreciating the components, and, above all, spending time with pals or household.

English-speaking cultures haven’t any comparability with the French means of eating. And it is no coincidence that many English phrases converse of culinary issues, reminiscent of "kitchen", "cook" and even "restaurant", all coming from the French.

The French have as much gastronomic adventure as linguistic.

5. A new way of thinking and a new perspective

  why to learn French - French worldview

When you study a new language, it isn’t potential to differentiate that language from vocabulary and grammar learning from learning:

  • culture
  • the approach individuals converse
  • In truth, there’s in all probability no better approach to understand individuals than to study the language they converse

  • . When you start to immerse yourself in French, you may even find yourself immersed in the French world. Multilingual English-speaking speakers, who’ve grown up with a multi-centered world view, can grow to be an awesome opening.

    Learning French provides you the opportunity to see the world from the viewpoint of the French-speaking individuals. And through the French media lens. For most people this can be a very enlightening expertise.

    6. The route enriches travel experiences in France

      why learning French - enriching travel

    In fact, the most blatant purpose we study a overseas language is to communicate with their mother tongue once we converse there.

    ] France is the hottest nation in the world, attracting over 80 million tourists annually. In main tourist areas, many can talk in English. However when you begin exploring elements of a rustic which are much less accustomed to seeing foreigners, English ranges are dropping out

    When you purchase practice tickets or ask for directions, you can't belief individuals to speak English. And speaking French individuals will help you tremendously.

    Nevertheless, the benefits of figuring out France are deeper. Typically – not only in France, but all over the world – overseas tourists can really feel that the locals are blatant or ineffective.

    The truth is, generally this is only a case of cultural and linguistic misunderstanding. When any person speaks a language they don't converse fluently, they will run into rudders. This can be a feeling when somebody does not absolutely perceive what they hear.

    When you converse good French individuals in France, you have to rely on the native English capacity. All of a sudden, misunderstanding disappears.

    And you'll find every thing you can order in the restaurant to buy tickets so much smoother. In addition, you get local respect by speaking their language.

    This makes France much easier and infinitely gratifying.

    7. A flag for a bigger world

      why to learn French - to open a new world

    Some English speakers consider that others study English only to talk their native language in English.

    In reality, individuals study English to communicate with individuals round the world. English is just a longtime international lingua Franca.

    Similarly, we do not make the mistake of believing that learning French is just useful in France. In fact, French is a standard language in Belgium and Switzerland and in Quebec, Canada.

    As we’ve talked about, additionally it is one in every of the most commonly spoken languages ​​in Africa. And if you can converse both English and French, you can communicate with individuals on most continents.

    The extra you travel, the extra you perceive it, regardless that English is the commonest worldwide language France is an incredibly helpful language that also has one other lingua Franca.

    There are over 110 million native audio system in France, and one other 190 million individuals converse it as a second language. It’s estimated that by 2025 greater than 500 million individuals will converse French, which can surpass English reputation with some measures.

    In vital elements of the world, France is and can be increasingly useful than English.

    eight. Helping Hand with Other Languages ​​

      Why Learn French - Learn Other Languages ​​

    Some individuals contemplate French to be reasonably troublesome to study a language. But it’s also straightforward to say that for English audio system it is certainly one of the easiest.

    Some grammar is a bit tough and some of the pronunciation is completed in follow. However plenty of vocabulary is very similar to English. Sure elements of the grammar are also simpler than in Spanish-talking languages, which you often hear is an “easy” language.

    Nevertheless, when he has discovered French, he learns different Romani languages, resembling Spanish, Italian, Portuguese or even Romanian, out of the blue becomes much easier because these languages ​​are very intently related.

    Plus, you might have heard that in the first language, the first is all the time the hardest, and then everybody becomes easier than the last one. Permit me to verify that this is completely true!

    As soon as you've discovered one language when you start one other, you have a a lot better concept of ​​what works and what doesn't.

    Because of this subsequent time fancy tries one thing extra formidable, resembling Chinese language, Arabic or Russian, when you have already discovered a relatively simple language like French, these harder languages ​​make it a lot simpler.

    9. A deeper understanding of English

      why to learn French - a deeper understanding of English

    As a result of Norman Conquest 1066, the history of English and French – and the English and French languages ​​- have been inextricably linked. So much so that a few third of all English vocabulary comes from French

    If you are an English speaker, learning French will teach you the origin of many English phrases.

    For example, the English word "queue", which suggests "wait in line", truly comes from the French word "him". Briefly, by learning French, you will even discover a whole lot of English that you have never even suspected.

    The Ultimate Verbal Phrase

    As you have seen, there are lots of reasons to study French. And the remaining I haven't mentioned is this. When you study French, you additionally make many new pals from France and different French-speaking nations.

    Who knows? Chances are you’ll even fall in love and find yourself with the remainder of your life.

    Nevertheless, while all this might be the essential purpose to study any language must be as a result of you are occupied with it. And because you need to know extra about nation and culture

    By the approach, if you don’t have the ardour for language, the learning course of is an extended, onerous and painful slogan. Hopefully at the very least one if all of these 9 reasons haven’t given you the motivation you need to start out on a French learning journey.

    Which of these 9 reasons motivates you to study French most? Do you add more to the record? And if you've already discovered French, I'd wish to know what you started. Please tell us the following feedback.


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