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I would like to work with Sajal Aly: Osman Khalid Butt HUM TV

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I would love to work with Sajal Aly: Osman Khalid Butt

OKB believes that Sajal Aly is on his recreation

<img class = "aligncenter size- full wp-image-28019 "src =" "alt =" http: // [19659005] Osman Khalid Butt is not just a good-looking face when it comes to TV drama or film, a versatile writer, actor, director, choreographer and now the lyricist continues to grow with every project.

His coming, Surkh Chandni and Baaji are showing handsome frames He has been loved by everyone because his countless dramas of television hits, such as Dayar-e-Dil, Sanam and Baaghi, do not know that OKB's contribution to the revival of films has been tremendous.

Se was his manuscript Siyaah in 2013 made people understand that Pakistan can to make horror movies, he wrote to Janan, who broke into the UK's Top 10, while in Parch choreographed songs are still popular.

Spotlight asked this versatile for his upcoming projects, how drama could be improved and what he was going to do in the future

Surkh Chandni, directed by Asma Nabeel and directed by Shahid Shafat, revolves around acidic victims about what we have heard.

Interestingly, when I first read the Surkh Chandni, I found it melodramatic. It is an uncompromising, graphical drama that explores the hardships and anxieties of the survivor of an acidic attack when he struggles to restore his glory. But then I was quick to remember that as a nation we react to cruelty whenever we feel that a woman has aroused a patriarch. Acid attacks are fleeing in Pakistan – this is a fact, not a fiction – and surprisingly, they are mostly guilty of men who feel the woman is bringing them shame and shame.

It is this mentality: accepted misogyny, the right to get a woman's body, her agent, that your character Amaa fights. And unlike Sheheryar Baag, she drives a story when she enters the world of Aida.

In Shahid Shafat's hands, the material became more complex, conversations and silences were meaningful; he did all his actor, especially Sohai. I am in contact with him, because I think we are tied to our love for the theater, its practices and methods. He treats every scene as a scene. There is drama, movement, changes in emotional strokes;

Surkh Chandni is perhaps the most powerful, emotionally exhausting experience of acting as an actor. It's a seat thriller; it highlights the societal problem that we could have emotionally removed in society; it is a glimpse into the darkness of the human psyche, a fascinating study of the woman's endurance and spirit, and it is also a beautiful love story between a broken soul and a man who tries to fix it.

When Mansha Pasha was one of the antagonists and Sohai Ali Abro as a female leader, how did the experience of intense drama with such diverse actors?

] I was incredibly excited to work with Sohai; I have been a fan of his Jawani Phir Nahi after the votes. His work on a motorcycle girl was phenomenal, as did the film itself. He poured his heart and soul into Aida (his character in Surkh Chandn). Set he would disappear to the mark. I think he took some of Aida with him even after the pack. Such a subject heavily pushes you, but he made a perfect justification for all the nuances of his character, keeping him intact.

Speaking of Mansha's style and ways of working, they are refreshingly colorful; subtle but layered. In Surkh Chandn, he is a humanized figure that can easily be interpreted as a frog in the warehouse.

How he has moved his character's pain and disapproval to unspeakable atrocities is particularly commendable. Also commendable? His work at Laal Kabootar. This is a conversation, but for all readers who haven't seen the movie: look at it. The new wave of the movie has really arrived.

Don't you think our drama has stopped their progress, and decision-makers are now stuck in one place where they move in the loop

golden era of television – most of the old PTV Dramas are shockingly progressive, more liberal and more spiritual than their contemporary counterparts. Nor do they bother misery as they do now. My main point is that traditional TV does not cover completely different genres.

Good comedy, horror, action and drama in the workplace, there are few procedures – why doesn't someone make the Inspector Jamshed series? Why haven't we seen another Aiin Wala Jinni? – Anything to resist heavy social projects (which are also incredibly important in your mind) or plays that solve the seemingly infinite affliction of marriage. I'm afraid that almost all the content is so heavy … we may end up as nervous horrifying themes, such as domestic abuse. [19659006Childrenwatershavingthebabychickshoeshavebabyhealthybehavingpassive"heroes"animalfeedingbabyamethyourwiththistocrateswitchingbabypowerbirdwatchingcompletion

I think that the increase in digital content we see some of the progress you mentioned. I've heard that Mehreen Jabbar, Asim Haseeb Abbasi and Hasan are working online, and it is very exciting news.

How did you experience with Saqib Malik and Meera in the upcoming Baaji film

Baaji was a life experience. I still remember that Saqib told the story to me one night at Xander (I didn't even think about the role at that time) and was sold. It had every ingredient: drama, mystery, glamor, cheating, heartache, shocking twists, dark humor: And it's such a relevant story: Lollywood's superstar at the junction of traditional Lollywood fading and a more modern movie mark / p / Buq4QFTAn0s / [19659005] I've always wanted to work with Meerane: I have seen a lot of his films, and I am a fan. She is just as fascinating as on the screen because she is enchanting on the screen. To understand this dream, that Saqib Malik's debut movie: I couldn't be happier. Saqib's story collection, his striking visual presentation and a grip on narrative, is a master class for himself. Anyone who has seen Khamaaji and Na Re Na's music videos can prove it.

My movie Rohail is a film director who finds his master in Merry.

The movie will be Meera's game changer.

Are you not feeling that if you get the chance you can write better than many of the writers of the day?

I would never have been so embarrassing (laughs). In addition to acting, Baaji was given the opportunity to translate the lyricist after Laal Kabootar and the manuscript consultant. So although I have not written a full-length manuscript after the segment, I have found ways to get tangled up veneelleni.

I think we have great writers, especially dramas; it just reveals to them the complete freedom to develop the idea without fear of the feared "r" word: ratings (or movie, box office). However, I do not reduce the importance of either, but we try to return to the familiar three-dimensional structure when they are limited.

Why do we promote physical violence in our plays and why divorce divorce, going away from home to escape marriage, becomes so common in our plays?

It was Brecht, who said, "Artwork is just not a mirror that stays in actuality, however a hammer that is used to shape it." Drama have to be a type of fact, but it could possibly typically be ugly, it's a moral process. When the bomb and excessive sentimentality get to be dishonest to our tales

It's a fantastic line between fixing the problem and sensationalizing it. Home Violence, Pressured or Unwanted Marriages: These are unfortunately very real points that deserve a beam of light, however perhaps not due to such a sadomasocist extra.

You’re fairly lively in social media; Don't you are feeling that as a star you may give some idiot's comment to miss as an alternative of going to Rambo throughout him?

Oh, come on, you must have seen me five years in the past, I am really toned fairly a bit! Look, I don't have any professional criticism, even private attacks. V-logging helped me develop a fairly thick pores and skin. It's simply that I can't miss misogynya, and I can't tolerate unjust attacks on my brother and career.

Artists are the quickest that they’re being requested for within the supposed absence of morality, and it’s surprising what ladies within the area have to cross by way of every day as they read males's – and ladies's – nervous feedback across social media. Some of our leisure (read: gossip) pages help the internalized misogyny flames even additional, so their comments stay unnoticed. If the coaching of one individual drives another person to assume twice earlier than you allow the essential touch upon the matter, they know little, feminism, I need to be, as Adil Omar says, Paki Rambo.

https: /

Everyone needs to work with you, but who do you want to work with?

I would like to work with Sajal (Aly); I just lately obtained the prospect to share the display with Haseeb Hasan's Alif and now can't wait to make the complete chief opposite him. I assume he's on the game. I also look forward to joining Hina Bayat to the drama!

Don't lose your old flame – theater?

Daily. The yr 2013 was really the last time I steered and acted in a full-length recreation that is shameful. It's just so arduous to discover the time to commit to it: partly as a result of tv makes you a bit of complacent, partly as a result of the entire expertise is so brief. You make investments six months in your life venture after which poof – it's gone. You gained't find the persistence or viewers you find on TV and film.

So I'm actively in search of a script to both direct myself or find a associate and work in. Not higher than performing on stage.

For those who meet a 10-year-old younger OKB, what advice do you give him?

badge. Don't delay! Additionally, don’t isolate yourself in looking for greatness. Truly, I assume the ten-year-old OKB would also advise me: fearless.

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