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Official statement on the death of Razorback's drummer Brian Velasco

Razorback's drummer Brian Velasco's girlfriend
Portia Carlos gave a last statement about her boyfriend's current tragic death

Portia sent the statement to the ABS-CBN entertainment spot Push. The lengthy statement confirmed that Brian had bipolar disorder and was underneath treatment.

Nevertheless, they observed that he stopped taking meds a day before the alleged suicide on January 16, 2019. (Read: Razorback Drummer Brian Velasco committed suicide when allegedly in FB mode)

Here is unpublished version

Brian's medical situation: OFFICIAL STATEMENT

Brian had bipolar disorder. A MENTAL HEALTH ENVIRONMENT that causes excessive temper swings, including mania or hypomania (emotional ascents) or melancholy (low). These episodes would take place shortly and final for a short period of time, hours or days, in contrast to melancholy, which might delay months or years.

In the first yr he informed me that he had a traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. I consider he used this dysfunction as an evidence for his sudden fluctuations in mood, as a result of he has no stigma of other circumstances – only in consequence of a traumatic event

But seeing all the excessive behaviors and figuring out nice life events in the past, I knew it couldn't be PTSD. I had nervousness he had a two-way state.

What are the emotional floats and lows that I have found? A not so completely happy occasion can make him comfortable, just as a manageable drawback or drawback might make him really feel the finish of the world.

She lived in her household's house throughout the first yr, but went to her condominium and name me when she had a period because she didn't need her family to see it. She didn't need to burden her mom and was careful about what her brother saw. He needed to be their position model. He was more a father to them than an older brother once they grew up and not using a father, and the brothers have been youthful than him.

Typically he would have had manic episodes, followed by melancholy. [19659002] At the starting of final yr, he asked me to stick with him as a result of he stated his thoughts would end his life in a brief wave.

For every week he was either very indignant or depressed. Rage or cry. Hyper or incapable to maneuver.I feel because he saw what we're doing as a result of of his state – that I had to tie his wrist to me once we slept, had to ask him to face in front of the rest room once I had to pee, I might simply sow or purchase something downstairs when someone visits, and that I needed to stay in work for every week – that he lastly agreed to see a physician.

I attempt to greatest clarify what the physician stated we’re eradicating the label that just because the definition of bipolar disorder is a "spiritual" state, it signifies that someone to whom it’s recognized is crazy because the word "spiritual" means madness .

The physician stated that when you have got a dysfunction, some of the brain (not MIND) does not work in the approach it ought to be.

Neurotransmitters which are supposed to satisfy / merge / mix – these make individuals react unconditionally to occasions – do not fill / pair / connect a person with bipolar disorder.

Before you decide so I hope you’ll be able to remind your self that it is just like other issues during which some physiological part does not work, because it ought to, that is, an ineffective kidney that wants dialysis. In this case, the manifestations of this dysfunction are behaviors. For most docs, the standard go-to is to prescribe antidepressants, treat only a melancholy that only pulls them all up, in peril of falling down utterly. The second is anti-pidchotic meds. This makes individuals feel unfamiliar, lifeless, and like zombies which are unable to answer any comfortable or sad occasion.

So he was put into drugs and he agreed to take it religiously. The drug was not one of the above.

If the sufferer had the highest 10 and lowest 1 (when there have been occasions that justify the message, 3 or 7 reactions), Brian remedy made him stay in the normal space, in the center the place we who are usually not match are.

However the physician stated it will take a number of days before the medicine came into drive.

Figuring out that I was watching him 24/7, the doctor advised me that I can relaxation when he is in a shallow state. The doctor explained that folks with bipolar disorder, in contrast to individuals with useful melancholy, haven’t any power to kill themselves. SO NO. He was not disassembled. And I've seen a couple of days solely depressive cycle is a number of occasions. He simply lay on a couch or bed and may't convey himself into the rest room to spray or feed the dog or himself.

The physician stated what to look out for, is a manic episode or a mix of both manic and melancholy as a result of it is during such a period once they can have an impulse and are capable of kill themselves.

But medicine was not an everlasting thing. The mixture of regular train and special weight loss plan produces the similar effect as docs, the physician stated.

He has not been capable of hear the dietology and has not been capable of begin a rigorous training program.

And he's been advantageous since then.

We know that he also liked his drink, consuming was part of their career, and all the time present at the gigs. And while he still had "bad drunk" episodes, they have been just that. He had both a nasty or completely happy regular drunk episode, JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.

A number of weeks in the past, he began to frantic. But with the exception of a bit of stuff (one of our last battles over the kitchen fan when he was cooking, and my message that he was cooking, he felt like an oz), he was his traditional species and the patient himself 95% of the time.

I simply put it down when he was highlighted consequently of dropping a canine final November, fatigue to see me once I was lately sick and alone handled a brand new puppy (Panchito) 24/7.

Why would I feel your pet might cause so much stress? As Brian would sometimes come up to me and stated, "Love, I am so exhausted I thought I was with Panchito consumed by bottomless energiansaanninsa!" … "He's like a flash!", And I feel I assumed, "Wow I'm the one who just got here residence from work and also you're exhausted!

But this was earlier than I saw a canine sitting in Panchito for the first time I needed to escape him before Brian got here house from the exercise. once I informed Brian that I could not sit the dog when he had workouts or recordings (the solely time he left Panchito) because I had to cope with the efficiency. : "I can't even sleep coz, he (Panchito) munches my hair or what he gets". So yes, it wasn't so distant that Brian was completely satisfied as a result of he
was drained of coaching and took care of the additional hyper-Panchito. She liked the new pet so much and needed to be better for a brand new canine she didn't go out until she was working. SO NO. WHAT WON'T WON'T HAVE BEEN IN THIS HEART


After that, a helper who cleaned her condominium unit as soon as every week and purchased her drugs informed us that Brian hadn't asked her to purchase her medicines. After his death, additionally they noticed medicine in the condominium when his offerings should have been used up. The helper knew when he was supposed to purchase medicine if Brian had taken it commonly.

A couple of days before 16 days he was additionally consuming as a result of his pal came this weekend. When he starts to drink, it will be consuming water for Three-Four days. Anybody close to him is aware of this.

However when he liked to drink, Brian might have been consuming days or perhaps weeks. Nevertheless, when he started having buddies or had a gig, he drinks days.

His manic episodes have been dangerous episodes of the drunk in drunken SIMILAR. And all of us thought he took his drugs, particularly because he hadn't had a manic episode because he started taking them.


I was a couple of layers and I couldn't go down so much since Sunday because I was following my dog, who was very sick. However he obtained up to my own and we had our meal and the ordinary routine together. His brother had stayed in Brian's house as a result of his coaching and courses have been near Brian's place. His greatest pal also just visited. The band had conferences and workouts and recordings more typically in current weeks. Her mom had all the time communicated to her "Good Morning Baby Bly Bly" and we have now been consuming together with her typically lately because her office is in Manila and there are a lot of new restos to explore in the area.

So Imagine it was like a hypertension, and you didn't maintain the upkeep medicine often or stopped, and when your BP lastly obtained up, you ate a bag of chicharon (his case, exhausting

But in contrast to other illnesses when your body needs medicine you do not already have mental establishment or the capacity to know that you simply want your drugs. Thus, the doctor noticed yesterday, defined to me what has occurred to his life in the last days.

I discovered that the occasional acceptance or a couple of days waiting for medicines medicines can result in withdrawal. [19659002HeHappened

He made plans earlier than January 16. On January 12 and 13, we spent hours coaching, which was all the time indignant shih tzu Jack and Panchito, so we might be collectively Might, so we don't should pay for two broadband accounts, 2 meralco -Invoice, 2 associated fees and determine every night time each unit from which we’re going to sleep, just because we would have liked two models in the similar building
to separate my canine ​​from his Alfie (his lately departed dog). We thought it might be easier for my dog ​​to study in parallel.

13. January, he sent one other drum instructor and requested him when their drum piece was

13. January 13, January 13, dinner, we talked about his costumes with two future weddings in my household

January 15 OR DAY BEFORE EVENT, he spoke to the scholar's mother and requested in the event that they have been going to continue the journey as a result of he was planning a recital soon .

He was based mostly on his medical condition, had a manicure-depressing EPISODE on January 16th. This was confirmed by the psychiatrist I talked to yesterday (January 26)

When you’ve got a relative with bipolar dysfunction, speak to his psychiatrist so that you simply perceive your beloved and know how one can help. Individuals with bipolar disorder might have suicidal thoughts and conduct.

Learn the bipolar disorder so you understand the symptoms In the event you suspect that your beloved has the similar drawback. If your signs are present, take your beloved as quickly as attainable to get a proper analysis of the psychiatrist and put together a remedy plan that may go well with your beloved, which can embrace remedy, besides on your remedy, relying on your sickness

I've all the time felt that Brian was variety of embarrassed situation. Dont be. Your sickness is just not confused.

For many who really endure from Brian's death, you’ll be able to assist decide individuals with this disease.

Be variety to everyone you meet. Your little kindness saves life.

*** This is the first time I've been speaking about suicide. I refused

all before this revealed statements



  1. He continued his current runners-up the canine's secret corners – NOT RIGHT. He needed to be a better father to Panchito than he thought he was Alfie. He was even more cautious with Panchito. We not allowed
    smoke after his unit when Panchito arrived. Brian went even every week and purchased broccoli as a result of he needed to offer the superfood to the canine early, as a result of he needed Panchito to stay longer than Alfie. He beloved Panchito so much. He never visited me. The worst battles have been all screaming matches. Even my mom advised her several occasions how much she admired her endurance
    and her tolerance. This can be a guy who would get up several occasions an evening to fill a scorching water bag, as a result of no quantity of medicine might relieve the pain of my adenomyosis-state.

A guy who a number of weeks in the past, once I still had BIT ache and had to go to work, the similar day that his gout acquired up high, and we had just one arcox between the two, we gave it and acquired it.

And because he couldn't stroll to the pharmacy as a result of the swelling was on his ankle, he waited to get residence from a brand new batch of arcoxia. He took hours of excessive pain for me. He’s the last individual to need me to experience ache. Bodily or otherwise

  1. RAZORBACK WAS ON WAY DOWN – NOT TRUE. The truth is, they are in the remaining levels of a particularly giant challenge that he had been so joyful and enthusiastic. One thing so massive that if I'm not fallacious, the PH music business has never been carried out.
  2. FAMILY CLOSE TO AUTONPY WHICH YOU ARE DELIVERED IN YOUR SYSTEM – NOT RIGHT. BRIAN IS NOT THE FUTURE OF ALL MATERIALS, NOT GREEN. He just stored alcohol. Medicines have been never thought-about to be "abandoning" the autopsy. We just lost someone we liked in the most tragic means.

It contained SOCO so we couldn't even move his body immediately. There was little question as a result of it was streaming. We just needed to have the ability to take care of our body and convey it to the funeral. Waiting for a lot delay to see him and maintain him.

And actually, the NBI continued to arrive at the funeral later that day for post-mortem. His household is the AUTOPSY REPORT. So we had to wait but, but a minimum of we have been capable of deliver him
to a nice place.

    A person with a bipolar disorder may additionally tend to be charming and mighty. Keep in mind his dubsmashes, his love for any "fasyons" and theater gestures at gigs and events.
  2. WHY YOU LIKE THAT YOU MAY HAVE FREE ADVERTISEMENT. A really pleasant and caring individual, like Brian, felt guilty that his condition was a burden on us, in contrast to narcissists who acquired away from
    all the attention and disruption that the situation induced. We as soon as talked about it, and he informed me that it felt dangerous that I needed to experience and endure his interval.

Individuals with bipolar standing might not keep in mind exactly what they stated throughout such durations, however they know that they have been typically abused by us (not physically). I knew it wasn't her and it was a condition. In a letter he sent to me, he stated that "you have always been there … sorry for the impossibility …"

The only query in my mind was why he just lately stopped utilizing medicine repeatedly.

That's how the therapist yesterday (Jan 26) helps me cope with grief and understand this part.

The doctor stated it might have been because the whole lot was nice – new tasks, a new pet, his household and us, and glad plans for this yr – that

Unfortunately he went back and all of a sudden while he was consuming.

It was a mixture of a manic-depression combination that his physician warned me,

That approach he was capable of write letters as a result of regardless that the moods changed nicely, in a short time in the last 24 hours, there were moments when the moment appeared to be his Current actions have been a burden … and then moments when he couldn't assume of us or anything and just needed to stop all the things … a sudden impulse that couldn't be predicted.

*** That is the first time I've been speaking about suicide. I do not settle for all the statements made to me earlier than the publications that have been revealed earlier than this


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