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Prayer between Christianity and Islam from a theoretical and practical point of view

The Prayer between Christ and Islam on Theoretical and Practical Perspective

The prayer answer is one of an important worship actions of the heavenly legal guidelines. This is confirmed in the last Islamic message of the Quran:

"And for all religion we have named Rite…" (22:34)

The idea of Islamic prayer is more acceptable than Christian.

The Holy Quran doesn’t give much detail about such worship of deeds in relation to earlier nations (Jews and Christians). Nevertheless, it refers to its existence in previous legal guidelines. God (Allah) ordered Mary

"to be piously obedient to your Lord and bullied and bent over to those who worship [in prayer]" (three:43),

and stated of Ishmael (son of the prophet Abraham), [19659006] ” within the ebook Ismael. The truth is, he was trustworthy to his promise, and he was a messenger and a prophet. And he met his individuals with prayer and zakah, and was pleasing to his Lord. "(19: 54-55), [19659007] and says that Jesus, son of Mary, peace be upon him is

" [Jesus]] said: "I am a servant of God. He has given me the Bible and made me a prophet. And He has made me blessed wherever I’m, and I’ve invited me prayer and zakah as long as I'm alive "(19 / 30-32)

by way of the Bible sees a massive distinction between the texts of the Bible and the fashionable Christian liturgy of the status quo with regard to prayer. The purpose of this article is to review the worship of prayer in the Bible and to debate it within the mild of the Islamic message.

The Bible mentions a lot of prayer. It is mentioned at the request of virtually the Lord or by asking Him to help:

2 Corinthians 1:11: “If you help us together with your prayers. Then many give our thanks for the gracious service that has given us the answer to many prayers. ".

The idea of Islamic prayer, nevertheless, is extra credible than Christian. Islam separates the idea of prayer in prayer and prayer as a ritual meant to unite the creature with the Creator. The Bible mixes between the 2. Within the Bible, we lack practical prayers. We only discover common practices that don’t give a clear view of such a dispute.

Bible texts on prayer show the sharp distinction between them and the rituals accepted by immediately's church buildings. There are some connections between the Bible and Islam in the ritual of Islamic prayer, which the church buildings of right now have displaced:

Jesus denies the exhibition in prayer rituals and condemns the ritualistic manifestations of worship at the expense of religious features: “But whenever you pray, go to your room, shut the door, and pray to your Father, pray to your Father, which is invisible. Then your Father who sees what is occurring will reward you. "(Matthew 6: 6)

In the Bible we see exhaustion:

1 Timothy 2: eight" Subsequently I would like men to wish in all places

Revelation 7: 11 "All angels stood around the throne and the elders and the four dwelling entities round. They fell on their faces to the throne and worshiped God.

Revelation 14: 7 And he stated with a loud voice, Worry God, and give him glory, because his judgment is come. Respect him who has made the springs of heaven, earth, sea, and water.

Revelation 15: 4 “Who is just not afraid of you, Lord, and convey your identify to honor? For you alone are holy. All nations will come and worship before you, in your righteous deeds are revealed.

Revelation 19: 4 “Twenty-four elders and 4 dwelling creatures fell down and worshiped God who sat on the throne. They usually cried out, "Amen, Hallelujah!"

1 Corinthians 14:25 "as the secrets of their hearts are revealed. So they fall and worship God, crying," God is actually among you! "

Matthew 26:39" Go a little further, he fell on his face and prayed : "My dad, if it is attainable, can this cup take me. However not as I would like, but such as you."

We additionally see prayers, praise God and invite His forgiveness:

Acts of the Apostles 16 : 25 "At about midnight Paul and Silas prayed and sang songs to God, and other prisoners listened to them"

Worship also can occur when standing:

Luke 11:18 "The Pharisee stood and prayed," God, thanks for that I am not like other individuals – bandits, perpetrators, adulterers –

We see both: individual and collective prayers:

Luuk. 18:10 "Two men went to the temple to pray, one Pharisee and another tax collector …"

Mark 1:35 "Jesus rose early in the morning when it was still in the dark, from the house and went to a solitary place where he prayed."

Also can go to prayer:

Apt. 16:16: “Once we have been going to the place of prayer, we have been faced with a female slave with the spirit by which she predicted the longer term. He earned a lot of cash by telling his house owners.

We additionally learn prayers day and night time:

For the prayer of the night, Christians did it earlier than they came to mattress. They thank God for the grace that he had given them through the day:

The E-book of Nehemiah: 1-6: “Let your ears be attentive and your eyes open to hear the prayer your servant prays for the day and night for your servant, the people of Israel. I confess that our Israelis, including myself and my father's family, have committed you… ”

Luke. 6:12 “One of the times when Jesus went out to the mountain to wish, and spent the night time praying to God. "

Psalm 42: 8" Within the daytime the Lord will direct his love, and his night time might be with me – my prayer to my life for God.

One can raise his palms when he prays to God:

Isaiah 1:15 “Whenever you unfold your arms into prayer, I cover my eyes from you; even when you’ve got many prayers, I can’t pay attention. Your arms are full of blood!

In line with the New Testomony, Christians demand the Jewish regulation of their prayers. Within the Bible about Jesus:

“When you spread your hand to prayer, I hide my eyes from you; even if you have many prayers, I will not listen. Hands are full of blood! People were amazed at his teaching because he taught them as having power, not as law teachers. ”(Mark 1:21, 22).

Acts 16:13: “At Sabbat we went outside the city gate to a river where we expected to find a place of prayer. We sat down and started talking to the women gathered there. ”

Why do the church rituals of prayer now comply with the Bible's tales of the rituals of prayer? Why should prayers be limited to certain days, and many Protestant churches have turn into free from their visitors, while the e-book itself urges them to maintain prayers ?:

In accordance with Paul's letter to Colossians four: 2 [19659006] “Attach yourself to prayer, be attentive and thankful. ”

Acts 10: 2“ He and all his household have been pious and God-fearing; he gave generously to those in need and prayed recurrently to God.

Church buildings are targeted on separating the prayers of abnormal individuals and clergymen, that is, monks and clergymen. The first are required to carry out two prayers only as soon as, someday and night time, when monasteries or lonely monks need to create seven monastery flames, referring to Paul's letter to the Corinthians, who says: "I pray with the Spirit" (1 Corinthians 14:15) [1 Corinthians 14:15] 19659010] They additional declare that Jesus gave them the freedom to say the words of prayer of their own selection if they did not surrender the prayer given to them by Jesus Christ.

Do monks retain their rights in the knight of prayer? It appears that evidently such a dispute has been influenced by heretical interference in the sacred texts, particularly within the arms of the Church of Nicaea, which has abolished many Christian laws for some purposes!

The creation of prayer, Christians didn’t absolutely comply with the regulation of the Jews and did not strictly comply with their scriptures. They introduced music on the worship service when Jesus himself did not? Why have been all the prayers combined with songs that in some instances haven’t any significant meanings? Why did the Church spend someday in this ritual when the Bible is full of texts that confer with days and nights?

It is strange that the Vatican Council continues to make many modifications to the prayer ritual throughout the Christian Catholic world. Creating Prayer Most Christians carry out the next rituals:

The priest enters the church and the public stands and salutes him in a holy means. Then he says, “Within the identify of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Then he makes a dialogue between him and the congregation that spins God's sanctification and praises him. Then he asks God for repentance to remove sin, forgive them via confession, and ask them to make an invitation. He makes a Latin invitation and appeals to the Lord Christ and the saints. The group says, "Oh Jesus Christ, have mercy on us." Prayer follows the Lord's Supper, and it ends with a brief call.

Each Protestant Churches, Methodist and Anglicans take part in Catholic prayer, including recognition, repentance, and forgiveness, renewal of religion, reinforcement of gospel reinforcements, reward and honor, prayer, and honor. The design of all rituals varies in accordance with the methods of the totally different church buildings.

-Not use songs in prayer.

-Silence in Invocation ..

– Deleting Words of Preaching Christ

Though many churches propose day by day and night time prayers for Christians, not all Christian societies comply with them. These embrace: individual and secret prayers, household prayer in the home, public prayer within the church, an important being Sunday prayer, the place the priest says some Psalm-related texts or the Bible.

Islamic faith as an everlasting message to mankind got here to right this stuff and place them in the proper place. In Islam, prayer is taken into account to be one of crucial pillars through which the Qur'an, which accommodates the stories of early prophets, together with Jesus, is with him. Such a dispute is unchanged, as the Islamic Prophet Muhammad has declared (can Allah's peace and blessings be) In contrast to Christian rituals that have modified and distorted